Why is Recycling Metals Important Nowadays?

Our planet goes through a lot, and recycling is a good practice to help save our mother earth. Recycling metals is one of the most economical and environmentally friendly solutions.
|Recycled metal takes less energy than producing metal from scratch, making it a better and safer option for the environment while serving your needs.
So, here’s the significance of metal recycling.

Jaiswal Metal Recycling – A One-Stop Destination for Your Recycled Metal Needs

We are well aware of our planet’s depleting natural resources and understand the importance of metal recycling in saving it. Hence, we strive to recycle good-quality scrap metals obtained from Canada and sell them to Indian scrapyard businesses to fulfill their needs.
We ensure that our products are appropriately recycled according to the legal guidelines and pass all safety checks before delivering them.
So, opt for our services today to contribute your part in maintaining the health and safety of mother nature.

What Do We Offer?

We facilitate the export and import of ferrous and nonferrous metals from Canada to India. These metals are recycled in a proper process that saves production costs and preserves the depleting natural reserves of the earth. We ensure to offer you high-quality services and maintain a long-term relationship.

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We Are Committed to Making Our Clients Feel

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Why Choose Us?


Quality Deals

We offer quality deals in accordance with your needs. You can choose what is best for your work, and we’ll help you pick recycled metals from the top options.


Prompt Response

We ensure to respond on time and establish a clear communication network between our clients and us to keep their faith strong.


Caring Approach

We care for your needs and help you fulfill them. We also care for the environment and strive to maintain its welfare by offering the most environment-friendly recycled metal scrap options.



We keep a record of every step of buying-selling recycled scrap metals to maintain transparency for either party. It helps us avoid emergencies or mishaps related to any order.


On-Time Service

Our team is always at their best to be at your service. We want our customers to feel free to come to us for any inquiries, and we’ll answer them promptly.


1.     How long do you take to reply to an inquiry?

We reply within 2-3 business days. You can contact us during the working hours.

2.     How do you ensure the quality of the metals?

We follow all legal guidelines and regulations to procure the best metal scrap and recycle them to offer high-quality products.

3.     Do you deal in any other kinds of materials?

No, we only deal in recyclable metals from Canada. We are focused on delivering what is best for the environment and our clients.

4.     How can we opt for your service?

You can contact us via email or call and discuss your requirements. Our team will obtain the best metal scraps as per your need, recycle them, and deliver them to you immediately.